Monday, December 15, 2014

Get Personalized Tank Tops for Spring Break

Although it is still winter, the spring season is just around the corner. And, before you know it, spring break is going to be on the horizon.

Whether you are planning a family retreat to a theme park or a fun party destination with a group of friends, you can custom design tank tops for the occasion and have something memorable to wear during and after the experience.

Not only are personalized tank tops a great way to spot individuals who are in your party, but custom tank tops a great way to stand out in a large crowd, when you do visit one of the top destinations for spring break.

When the time comes to personalized tank tops for your spring break, the options for custom tank tops at are plentiful. Not only will the custom neon tank tops stand out, you can choose to fully customize the design, the print, and everything that you want to have printed on the shirts.

Ideas for Custom Tank Tops

And, unlike traditional personalized t shirts, with the bright neon colors, the shirts are going to stand out just as much during the night, in a crowded room or dark party, as they will during the daytime hours. So, everyone who sees your shirts will know who you are, what organization or club you are part of, and what you are celebrating with your friends or significant others during the spring break season.

In bright neon colors, you can spell out the name of your family members, so it is easy to spot the kids in a crowded park during the break. If you are going away for a honeymoon or romantic retreat for two, neon colors are the perfect way to showcase your trip, and to show everyone why you have chosen to get away for the break.

And of course fraternities and sororities always choose the most well known spring break destinations to visit in large groups. What better way to showcase the name of your school, or the fraternity (or sorority), and the members who are a part of it, than bright, bold, neon colors?

Its never too early to plan out the perfect custom t shirt ideas for spring break. And, when the time comes to have the designs completed, and to print and personalize tank tops for your spring break festivities, there is no better company to turn to other than for all your custom tank top printing needs.

Monday, October 27, 2014

5 Ways To Get Creative This Holiday Season

If you are trying to find some smart solutions for being creating this holiday season then you've come to the right place. Here's five of the best creative options for you to consider this year.

These are some rather fascinating things that you can enjoy doing in order to really stretch your creative muscle while showing off some fun things to have in your home and will be rather fun for you to take a look at.

Arrange Lights In Unique Locations

Christmas lights are very attractive and fun to display but it is often best for you to take a careful look at the ways how you string them around your home. You can not only use them in the middle of the home but also around different items in your home like kitchen drawers and containers, eaves around the walls and even things like your television set.

Make Unique Wreaths

You don't necessarily have to stick with a traditional wreath that uses a series of holly materials or other plants. You can go with different wreaths that are made with things like large circular ornaments, pine needles, pine cones, sticks of different wood materials and much more. Feel free to go with whatever type of creative material that you want to use when getting something ready for the holiday.

Take Funnels and Make Them Into Trees

If you have a number of old funnels in your home then you can take them and make them into small Christmas trees. You'll have to get a tube-shaped based for the tree but it will not be too hard for you to make this happen as needed. You can especially do this if you have plenty of funnels that are in an extensive variety of shapes. The choices that you'll have to stick with can really be fine and attractive to use.

Work With More Recycled Materials

If you have a bunch of old bottles around your home then you can use them by stacking them together to work with a full tree design. You can also choose to take old paper materials and create small festival paper sculptures of some winter-themed items in your home. These are some fine things that can really be amazing to have and will offer a brilliant style that you know will really be reflective of the season. It is a fun consideration for you to work with when it comes to getting some creative ideas going.

Embroider a Christmas Garment

You can use an embroidery machine to stitch in a unique color embroidery design on any outfit. This can work with a fine series of colors and some strong details. You can quickly go online, download Christmas embroidery designs that are compatible with a machine you may have and then upload the design to the machine so it can work with the yarn or other thread you've got for creating a fine look to a shirt, sweater, blanket or other Christmas garment of interest to you. In this case, check out some really creative Christmas machine embroidery designs to get inspired.

These are smart types of creative ideas for you to think about for the Christmas season. Make sure you look around and use your imagination when finding great things to utilize this year.

Monday, September 15, 2014

5 Creative Embroidery Designs for Sewing Machines

You can use a great embroidery sewing machine to help you create some nice looks if you use the right designs. What happens here is that the fabric you will add a design onto will be kept in place and stabilized on the body of the unit. A proper embroidery design format will then be uploaded onto the machine. This can work through a computer file being made in the right format while it is loaded onto the specific body of the sewing machine.

You can use all sorts of fine embroidery designs that will fit in with your demands as needed. Here are a few of the best options when looking for embroidery designs for sewing machines. These come in many forms and feature a variety of designs and colors that will fit in well for any project where attention to detail is important.

All of these embroidery design for sewing machines can be found at There you can find thousands of machine embroidery designs for all purposes and projects. Explore the website and see the many options available. 

Tom Turkey

What makes the Tom Turkey embroidery design a great option is that it can work with a variety of colors. This embroidery design for sewing machines can be uploaded to a sewing machine and then created with a series of dense lines on the wings of the bird. In addition, the colors will change from the inside to outside parts of the design. This creates a more interesting look that adds a little more density to the design at large.

Tribal Style Butterfly

The Tribal Style Butterfly design is a quality embroidery design for sewing machines that has a brilliant tone to it. It features a brilliant pattern that uses a series of different curves and lines around the butterfly's wings. These are identical on each half and spaced properly to create a consistent and equal appearance around the entire body of the design.





Circle Tree

The Circle Tree embroidery design combines a traditional tree base with three branches that lead out to feature a series of circular rings and shapes coming out of each branch. These three branches are different in size and will create a little more detail that makes the entire appearance of the tree more appealing. The tree is designed with a proper symmetrical look that is very different and attractive for all to explore and use as needed.





Paint Brush & Easel

The Paint Brush & Easel design mixes a fine easel design with several smaller color spots to represent the paints that may be found on that unit. This sewing machine embroidery design can mix with a two-color brush to add a better sense of attention to the material in general. This creates a special look that will add to the overall quality of the art piece when it is designed with care.






North Star Dolphins

The North Star Dolphins design features a series of dolphins that are paired together in a shape that makes it look like a star. It is symbolic of the North Star, a famous star that is often used as a means of helping people to find their way when they are lost. The machine embroidery design creates a real star-like pattern that is easy to follow and use as desired. The consistent gray color of the pattern will establish a realistic look that matches up with the natural look of a typical dolphin in the water.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Pocket Tank Tops: The New "In" for Creative Summer Fashion

With the cold weather behind us, it’s going to be a sunny outlook in the next few months and you definitely want your wardrobe to match the weather in every way. It’s time to step out of the furs and into summer-friendly attire that is not only convenient but trendy.

What better way to get in step than with the fashionable pocket tank tops or simply pocket tanks. These are simply tight fitting, low necked, sleeveless upper clothing that have creatively incorporated a stitched or colored pocket.  

Pocket tank tops have wide shoulder straps but do not have a front opening. Undoubtedly, pocket tank tops are becoming the rave in summer attire because they are not only comfortable to wear but they are also fashionable. They are indeed a fun and cute way to express style and let your personality to shine through.

Vintage Pocket Tanks, Reborn

This attire was popular in the 1920’s and as a vintage classic, it is currently re-emerging as a very popular option for those in the mainstream. Today, men and women around the world are increasingly making the pocket tanks a necessary piece of attire for their wardrobes.

Pocket tanks have been topping the list in the hottest summer trends mainly because they are so many things wrapped up in one piece of clothing; they allow you to sport both the casual and elegant look, they are stylish and tailored with the shape of your body in mind and they allow you to feel cooler in hot weather.

They are also readily available in a wide range of fabrics, designs and colors that one can choose from. Pocket Tanks can conveniently be used everywhere; they can even be worn to the office with casual pants or a miniskirt, or they can be worn under the blazer.

Custom Pocket Tank Tops

To get the best out of donning the pocket tank tops, you can choose to have pocket tanks customized to your liking. Some websites like will be very helpful as they specialize in creating custom color-combination pocket tanks.

The younger and more stylish shoppers will especially be fascinated by the limitless options in creativity by this cool website that makes the tanks very attractive. The website’s specialty for coming up with custom tank tops ranges from sororities, clubs, corporate promotions, bachelorette parties, fraternities and anyone else who would appreciate the quality designs and products.

A pocket tank top definitely a must-have piece of attire in everyone’s closet. So what is stopping you from getting trendy? Allow your wardrobe a breath of fresh air and get trendy with the pocket tank tops.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Three Creative Ways To Style Your Hair

The hair of a woman contributes significantly to her overall look. No matter how elegant her dress is or how perfect her makeup appears to be, one thing is for sure is that a poorly-styled hair-do will ruin her look.

It's no question why women spend a lot of time in discovering and experimenting with different hairstyles - it's paramount to looking good.

If you are like most women who want to flaunt a well-styled hair wherever you go, here are three creative ways on how you can give your hair a unique look.

Hair Extensions

Many women around the globe are using hair extensions to add a bit of twist to their current hairstyle. If you want to try it, you can freely choose from a wide variety of available hair extensions.

The first type is bonding. This type of hair extension adds volume or vivacious streaks of color to your hair. With the use of a special adhesive, trails of hair are glued to the roots of the hair.

The second type is tracking. In concentric circles, natural tresses are braided around the head. For a full head, you would need a minimum of 8 tracks.

The third type is fusion. It is considered as one of the most natural-looking weaves in the market. A machine such as a hot glue gun is used to stick hair extensions to individual strands of the hair. With its popularity, it is also deemed as one of the most expensive and time-consuming types of hair extensions.

Other types of hair extensions include No Braids No Glue, Netting, Tree Braiding, Lace Extensions, Micro Braiding, and Clip-in and Clip-on Hair Extensions.

Velcro Rollers and Bangs

Do you want your hair to have a sexy look? Then, you should look into some Velcro rollers. This is creative way to add some body to your hair. In addition to rollers, you can use a styling spray and a curling iron to achieve this unique look for your hair.

Using a medium curling iron, curl 2-inch sections of your hair and proceed in rolling your hair with the use of Velcro rollers. Bangs are still hot if you just know how to choose the right one for your hair. Thick, side-swept and blunt bangs are three most popular types of bangs that are used worldwide.

If you have a long and straight hair, stylists advise you to get blunt bangs. If you decide to go for side-swept bangs, try the one with long layers. These bangs must also extend up to the middle of your brows. Thick bangs are still hot, you just have to make sure that it will fit into the shape of your face.

Hair Colors and Up-dos

Most often, women decide to color their hair to give it a refreshing look. Hairstylists advise women to choose the right hair color for their complexion. Hair colors that are hot nowadays are brunette, blonde and red.

If you have a pink skin tone, a red hair color can look good with you. Olive-skinned women can also have a blonde hair color if they wish.

A loose up-do is also a creative way to style your hair. You can do this by finger-combing your hair into a low, scruffy knot. Afterwards, attach it using a ponytail holder and pins.

Do you have any creative hair styling ideas to share? Let us know in the comments below!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Creative Fashion Trends for the Summer of 2014

Every fashion season, there are new trends that become quite popular, and this Summer, there are a few items that used be trendy years ago and are just now going back into fashion. What makes a creative fashion item fashionable is the amount of people actually wearing them.

People in Hollywood also have a lot of influence on fashion trends, as you will notice that the majority of items below are constantly worn by celebrities very praised in the fashion industry.

From bright neon tank tops to cool accessories, the trends for Summer fashion in 2014 are more unique and creative then ever. So lets dive right in.

Fringe Crop Tops

Fringe is so popular right now, especially this Summer, because they just have the perfect Summer feel to it while also being so comfortable to wear as well. All things fringe right now is trendy, and so you probably have noticed celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, Mila Kunis, and so much more sporting fringe clothing items.

The best item to pair your fringe tops with are denim shorts, as fringe tops are very laid back and don't really look great when worn with formal pants and stuff like that. Basically, the more simple your outfit is with a fringe top, the better the outfit will appear.

Neon Tank Tops

Neon tank tops are so fashionable this Summer season mainly because they look nice on all types of outfits. Celebrities like Demi Lovato, Rihanna, Emma Stone, Selena Gomez, Beyonce and more all have been spotted wearing this trend. Neon tank tops look best when paired with a flowing skater skirt or a high waist short, as it will really bring out the color of the top.

Just make sure to not pair neon with more neon, as you don't want to look like a disco ball. You can also opt for custom neon tanks and style your own. Now that's creative Summer fashion at its best.

Tattoo Choker Necklaces

You probably remember wearing those old choker tattoo necklaces back in the late 90's and early 00's, and if you still have a few of them, consider bringing them back, because they definitely are back in style. Olivia Wilde, Chloe Grace Moretz, Tyra Banks, and Nina Dobrev have all recently been spotted wearing chokers, and so a lot of people have kind of brought it back. The great thing about chokers is that they really are a fashion statement.

No matter what you wear, a choker will make the outfit appear more well put together and crisp. If you're wearing an everyday outfit, consider putting on those colorful pink chokers, and if you're wearing a formal outfit, pair it up with a gold choker or a pearl one.

Kimono Jackets

Kimono jackets have also been quite trendy lately, as it looks simply gorgeous all women no matter your size and body shape. Celebrities like Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Nicole Richie, and Kate Moss have all worn the classic Kimono jacket, and they all seemed to wear it as the main fashion statement of the entire outfit.

The next time you head to the mall, make sure to snag a few of the items above, as they definitely will make any plain outfit appear so much more popping and stylish.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

5 Creative Ideas for Kitchen Tile Backsplashes and Vanities

Without a doubt, cooking or eating in a contemporary kitchen that's complete with creative tile backsplashes and vanities is very enjoyable. Most homeowners take special consideration with kitchen, design as it is considered the heart of a home. This is where every family member spends their time, sharing stories while enjoying a meals and each others' company.

When it comes to kitchen design, one of the most considered materials is tile. Tile come in different patterns, shapes and sizes. Not only is tile composed of durable materials perfect for handling the messes from preparing and cooking meals, but tile can offer endless possibilities to explore creativity.

So whether you're working with an experienced local tile store or doing it yourself, in this article we share five creative tile ideas for kitchen vanities and backsplashes.




Colorful Malibu Tile

This tile backsplash design is inspired by the vibrant colors of Malibu. With a California-meets-Spanish tile feel, the tiles are used as eccentric pieces installed on the kitchen walls. The exhaust hood above the stove is also installed with tiles matching the color of the entire kitchen. To make it more appealing, it is combined with oak cabinets in rich brown color. (image source)

Two-Color Tile Combo

Combine a vibrant color with a lighter tone and you will get a bright kitchen aura. This creative kitchen design plays only with two colors but the over-all effect is amazing. The blue tiles are installed in mosaic finish where it accentuates the white paint. It is then accessorized with contrasting colors of brown center table and rug. For homeowners who want to have a clean feel, this two-color combo is perfect. (image source)





  Timeless Kitchen Tile

For a kitchen that will never be out of the trends, classical pieces and neutral colors are combined in this tile vanity. The kitchen is designed with rich wooden cupboards and paired up with ceramic tiles. The plain tiles are combined to give a clean look without compromising the over-all design of the kitchen. White ceramic tiles are used to bring the brightness of the room. (image source)











Contemporary Black and White Tile

Black and white kitchens are one of the trendiest designs to date. The combination of dark and light hues makes the whole kitchen very appealing to young homeowners. This sleek kitchen is made with black tiles perfectly installed on both sides of the kitchen. White paint is used to give the entire kitchen an impression of a bigger space.(image source )


Industrial Style Tile

The use of stainless steel and wood can be combined to give the kitchen an industrial look. The tiles used on the walls gives a rustic feel, while the floor tiles blends all the colors together. Industrial style kitchens are preferred by home cooks as it gives an ambiance of being in a commercial kitchen. (image source )

These are just a few of creative tile designs for kitchen vanities and backsplashes. Spanning from ceramic tile to mosaic tile, there are still thousands of ideas shared all over magazines and online publications. The only thing you need to do is to choose the tile projects that appeal the most to you and your family.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Massage: Creative Techniques & Mindful Approaches to Massage Therapy

Not only is massage a great way to relax the body and mind, and find relief from daily strains and stress, but a professional massage can also help to enhance vitality and general health.

When the body is stressed and locked into a fight or flight mechanism, every function of the body is also altered. This can lead to many disorders and medical conditions (such as muscle pain and spasm, headaches, fatigue, constipation, obesity, and TMJ disorder.)

By using a variety of creative techniques, a skilled massage therapist can alleviate these issues and provide many other benefits. Massage therapy, in all its many forms, has been used for healing for many thousands of years and continues to be an effective way to heal mind, body, and spirit.

Relaxation Relates to a Healthy Body

Massage therapy can focus on body parts and offer relief from pain and other issues. For example, in shoulder stiffness, the practitioner should focus on relaxing the shoulder muscle by stretching forward and rear the rotator cuff with the subject lying face down and then applying pressure and stroking.

Myofascial release technique can be applied to stretch the fascia by applying forces in opposite directions with the fingers or with the hands. This massage technique is starting gently and then increases the force when the tissues relax. Myofascial release can be used to treat poor posture, scoliosis, back pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, whiplash, and arthritis.

Integrating Creativity in Your Massage Practice

While both eastern and western massage techniques can be very technical, it is important to use intuition and creativity in your massage practice. For a massage therapist, it is very important to apply as many approaches as possible, creatively adapting to the each unique individual. Below we share a few ideas offered by Bloomington, IL based massage center N8 Touch Massage where many different massage therapists offer various massage services and treatment.

As the Bloomington massage specialists emphasize, it is beneficial to introduce some cranio-sacral massage techniques that work with the nervous system in depth. This creative massage technique can release muscle tension and promote general relaxation throughout the entire body. The massage practitioner can sense the subtle rhythms of the nervous system by accessing the points at the cranium, along the spine, and at the base of spine.

Oriental principles of Meridians from the Chinese Medicine can be used creatively together with the crani-sacral therapy. For example, the kidney and the bladder meridians are associated with the element of water, with the ability to recover from stress, and with the emotion of fear. These two meridians run around the spine and they are directly affected if we are scared or stressed.

Adapting to the individual, creatively including using various massage styles and application of unique grips (techniques) enables healing, in addition to sustainability by the practitioner. You may use the Terrier’s soft tissue grip for releasing the different muscle contractions and shortenings. Manual therapy techniques can also treat painful and inflamed ligaments and narrowed joint movements. Elements of Thai massage combined with basic grips of osteopathy, Youmeiho massage, therapeutic mud wrap, and Swedish gripping techniques can treat various physical issues.

It is also important to remember the importance of a holistic approach, as our body cannot be separated from our spirit. Stress reliving techniques and Eastern massage techniques, such as the Thai massage, are better suited to holistically treat body, mind and spirit. For more information on various types of massage and massage services, explore the

Friday, April 11, 2014

Creative, Healthy Ideas for Retirement Community Activities

In today's day in age, it is important to have elderly residents living in retirement communities getting involved and engaged in a variety of activities. With creative and stimulating activities and programs, older adults can better interact and socialize with one another, improve their physical and mental well-being, explore their creative senses, and make life more enjoyable.

The most suitable activities for seniors are those that enable participants to maintain their individuality while catering to their interests and tastes. Assisted living facilities and retirement communities often miss the mark in offering these types of activities, leaving residents feeling incomplete, bored, and depressed.

Categories of Senior-friendly Activities

Activities for seniors can be grouped into different categories. This may include creative pursuits, education, health and fitness, reaction and interaction. Within these categories there are numerous activities which are suitable for seniors despite their physical capabilities or any other capabilities.

As earlier stated, these retirement community activities enable seniors to socialize, enhance and maintain their health and bring more activity into their life. Below we explore a number of creative, health ideas for retirement community activities that residents will enjoy and thrive upon.

1. Physical & Mental Health Activities

These are highly important categories and it is therefore important to find engaging activities which will help in improving their overall well-being. Some of the physical activities that they can engage themselves in includes altered yoga, water aerobics, light dance classes and weight training as well as chair exercises.

When it comes to hand-eye coordination exercises, they can play table tennis, pool. The seniors who are chair-bound can play balloon tennis.

Having them attend health and nutrition seminars is another brilliant idea. It is from such seminars that they will get to learn the importance of good nutrition and even learn simple recipes of healthy treats while they interact with one another and share different ideas.

In order to keep the aging mind sharp and improve the memory, there are various games that seniors can play. Some of these include different brain games such as the matching card, word association and cross word puzzles. Another great activity used to enhance mental health is forming book clubs. This will enable the seniors to gain access and read different books which will help improve mental fitness and exercise their brains.

2. Creative & Artistic Pursuits

Creativity is highly important. In order to encourage this, arts and crafts classes can be provided. Seniors can participate in light wood work, soft sculpture and painting. They can also do knitting, quilting circles, beading and flower arranging classes, gardening societies, scrap booking and creative writing classes.

You can also have them attend craft fairs and have them participate by displaying their artworks. This event can be organized between different retirement communities. Snyder Village, one of the top retirement communities in Peoria, IL, is highly engaged in these types of activities, and has realized positive results and well-being among the community.

3. Cultural, Historical & Educational Activities

Some of the activities included here are going out for field trips to visit historic places and museums. Concerts and theater can either be arranged in-house or as a field tour. You can also come up with clubs where senior citizen can meet on a regular basis and get to discuss current affairs.

A history project is another brilliant idea which will enable senior citizens share personal memories of historical events. This will enable them learn different cultures and keep them entertained.

Do you have any senior-friendly activities that can be explored in more retirement community settings? Let us know in the comments section below.

Friday, March 28, 2014

5 Creatively-Funny Ideas for Custom Tank Tops

Tank tops are unique tops that are usually worn during the summer season; and since summer is just a few months away, we all know that you're already thinking of ways on how to spice up your tank tops. Just a quick note though, these custom tank tops are something that you might want to keep all year round.

Featuring sarcastic elements and comedy on the clothes you wear are some of the great ways to showcase your sense of humor and playfulness. Though, if you're a bit worried about drawing too much attention, then these funny custom tank tops might be a little too forward.

Nonetheless, it's ideal for those who want to stand out from the crowd and leave an impression on anyone who notices it. These creative ideas for custom tank tops would surely add some spunk to your ordinary outfit!

For Fitness Buffs

This workout muscle shirt is ideal for serious fitness buffs. Those fitness freaks who spend 110% of their energy every time they hit the gym. Any plain tank top would do, but black would be perfect! Write the quote in bold, red letters to catch people's attention; and whoever reads your top will know that you mean business.

Aside from the fact that other people will know that you're a very dedicated health enthusiast, they'll also find it hilarious. After all, you're giving the impression that you see your workout regimens as criminals.

If you're planning to give this as a personalized gift, your boyfriend or brother who's a fitness fanatic would surely appreciate this. This custom tank top is great way to let them know that you notice their dedicated gym efforts.

Be Brutally Frank

Due to fan Expos and summer's re-release of classic superhero films, there's no doubt that most girls have shown some interest in the 'I Only Date Super Heroes' statements. These superhero movies have influenced the majority of the female relationship-- to stick with the unrealistically high standards and criteria when dating men.

The crime-fighting characters in Captain America, Spiderman, and The Avengers would surely make the suitors aware that you have strict dating policies and they have very flimsy chances of dating you-- you're wearing a custom tank top that doesn't sugarcoat reality.

Grumpy is the Way to Go

These custom tank tops could be worn by both males and females who want the crowd to know that they wouldn't care less to their rants. A great way to show your annoyance about returning to school or dealing with your friends' drama.

This statement print goes well with the grunge and punk trends that aren't restricted to summer, but would be cool during fall as well. This design could be best paired with distressed denims.

Blatantly Lying Without A Care

Who doesn't appreciate a witty joke? With this print, people would be laughing with you instead of at you. This ingenious statement design is one of the most hilarious products that make fun of the fitness world.

A tank top that's not your typical muscle promoting shirt. Hence, the majority of the time, the shirt would scream how confident you are, and you're not shy of expressing your ways.


Anti-Social Excuses

Not just for anti-social beings, but for cat lovers as well. Custom tank tops like these are some of the hilarious ways to bail out on the plans you don't want to confront with. This statement shirt proclaims that your feline buddy is more important than them.

For those who'd rather stay at home instead of going out, you can't deny the fact that you have a long list of excuses that you use from time to time. While popular excuses such as “too much work” or “family events” could help you avoid those plans you don't want to partake in, this cat one is bluntly funny, yet honest. This would let people know that you don't really want to hang out with them.

A cat lover custom tank top that's a nifty gift for a cat-obsessed friend. So where do you begin in designing custom tank tops? The Neon South, of course. Here you can custom design tank tops with your logo, designs, and working. Their easy designer interface makes it super easy to design custom tank tops just the way you want!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How Creative Exercses Can Help Sustain Optimal Mental Health

As we age, our levels of memory, creativity, and overall mental health can diminish. For this reason, people of all ages (particularly seniors and elders) should strive to keep their minds' sharp.

Just like you exercise your body to stay fit you should also do creative and mental exercises to minimize future mental health issues. There have been studies done that revealed that people who learn other languages as they got older did not have problems with remembering.

When you learn another language it builds more connections in your brain. These connections act like highways transporting information from one part of your mind to another.

Building more mental connections is important as we age. Doing things to stimulate your brain power is excellent in warding off mental health problems down the road. This can significantly reduce the risks of depression, dementia, and many other associated issues.

Fresh Ideas to Keep Mind Engaged, Sharp, and Creative

Start by doing creative exercises daily but do not over do it by trying for hours at a time. The goal is not to tire your mind out its to encourage retention. So one hour a day is more than enough to be effective.

Crossword puzzles and games help a lot to keep your clarity and focus. These are easily accessible by most individuals and offer a fun and engaging way to stay mentally sharp.

Because of this increased need for mental stimulation companies such as Luminosity have arisen. This is a great tool to use to increase your retention and memory. Of course to use this you will need a computer. Many people can upload a version to their smartphone or their iPad.

Luminosity is great because it is a structured program designed by experts to increase brain functioning. It has easy to follow guides that increase in difficulty as time goes on. So if you begin an say to yourself this is not hard at all - just wait you will be challenged later on.

Try to make it a point to learn something brand new daily. This something often encouraged at retirement communities and homes with seniors. This could be something you wish to learn such as a musical instrument or it could be a skill such as cooking or driving.

Creative exercises can be simple such as painting a picture or as complex as drawing designs for a house. It can be learning a new game to play or figuring out math problems without a calculator. Doing crosswords puzzles and jigsaw puzzles work different sides of your brain. So doing both is an excellent idea.

Try each day to focus your energies on creative pursuits. Practice writing a poem or creating characters in a plot. Visit new places such as aquariums or museums to keep an interest in the area. Plan vacations to places that you have never been to. Or if you're involved in retirement community, many of retirement communities offer seniors activities and outings.

For instance, one retirement community in the Peoria area, Snyder Village, holds regular golf outings, bingo nights, and many more activities. As one of the best retirement communities in Peoria, IL, Snyder Village has a reputation for healthy and happy seniors.

The next time that you sit down at the computer do log onto Luminosity and check it out. There is much to be gained from participating in the various creative exercises.

What is important is that for every new activity you learn you are adding more connections or pathways to both sections of your brain. People that do this regularly will recover better if they do have a stroke later on. Because when they need to relearn some things the information will be accessible.

Monday, March 17, 2014

5 Creative DIY Tile Projects to Enhance Your Home's Decor

Tile can transform home's decor in many different ways. Whether it's ceramic tile flooring for the bathroom or an exotic tile vanity for the kitchen, embarking on a tile project is a great way to enhance the look and ambiance of almost any room.

No matter what tile design you choose, in most cases you can install the tile yourself with the right tools and instruction. In this blog post, we'll share some creative, DIY-friendly ideas for tile projects around the home.

Simple Tile Art

One of the most basic yet fun ways to integrate tile in your home is paint on blank tiles, and use the tiles as coasters, stepping-stones, or other creative applications around the home. Also known as tile art, get crafty and paint a few tiles with patterns or images (like wine grapes for a coaster.) The possibilities are endless!

Creative Bathroom Tile

Adding tile to a bathroom offers many ways to set a more stylish and visually-appealing tone. Some of the most popular tile projects for the bathroom include vanities and flooring. In many cases, especially for flooring, ceramic tile works the best for the bathroom.

You can also opt for special-purpose tiles (which work great in high-moisture settings) in the sink and vanity area. So of the most creative bathroom tile projects are designed with space to hold toothbrushes, soap, or cups. Also common and highly creative is to make the entire vanity wall and sink area of your bathroom a nice tile.

Outdoor Tile Flooring

A growing trend in outdoor tile design is the use of natural stone. Natural stone tile in outdoor settings offer an elegant look to any settings. Some of the most attractive and outdoor-friendly tiles include White Oak, Statuario, and Calacatta Gold. Almost all of these tile applications can be integrated with ease. Look for opportunities to add creative tile flooring to patios, outdoor fireplaces, gardens and planters, and window trim.

Stone Tile for the Kitchen

Kitchen stone tile, such as stone mosaic tile, is ideal for all types of kitchen areas. The pattern on this form of natural stone tile draws attention to the complete space.

Install mosaic stone tile on kitchen walls and vanities, or in specific areas such as above the stove or sink. To give a look with more dimension and depth, you can choose glass mosaic tiles. Just keep in mind cleaning and maintaining the tile when choosing the right products.

Subway Tile for the Kitchen

A subway tile scheme is a timeless classic for the kitchen. In most cases, these 3" x 6" ceramic tiles with gloss finish that come in a multitude of colors. What's great about this style of tile is that it's easy to clean and can help illuminate the entire kitchen.

Additionally, you can find this form of tile at most tile dealers in Bloomington, IL. You can choose a simple monochromatic tile design or you can add a sense of depth by blending herringbone tiles as a backsplash (often times behind the oven or sink.)

Do you have any simple yet super-creative DIY tile project ideas to share? Let us know in the comments section below.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Get Custom Neon Tank Tops for Your Spring Break Vacation Group

College students everywhere are counting down the days until Spring break officially kicks off. It is approaching quickly, and style conscious Spring breakers everywhere are on the hunt for hot trendy fashion styles to wear on their vacations.

An emerging fashion trend gaining in popularity is custom clothing, especially neon custom tank tops. The hot steamy temperatures make custom neon tank tops the must have fashion item for anyone who wants to make an eye-catching fashion statement.

The major selling points of custom neon tank tops are their versatility, the many styles options they offer and both men and women look amazing wearing them. Custom tanks are not only sporty and stylish they are ideal for the gym. Throw on a tank top to keep cool during strenuous workouts and show off sexy toned arms.

Custom neon tank tops are also great for layering over swimsuits and underneath sweaters, cardigans sweatshirts or blazers. Since custom tank tops come in several styles, such as racer-back, spaghetti strap, muscle tanks, athletic tanks and halter style tank tops, you are sure to find a style complimentary to your body size, budget and personal taste.

What’s the best color for your tank top? Neon – of course! It is the hottest color of the season. Neon colors are bright, attention-grabbing, cool, fun and flirty. A custom neon tank top from The Neon South will definitely turn heads and get you noticed, whether hanging out with friends on the beach or dancing the night away in the club.

They are best paired with a cute denim skirt, a pair of shorts, leggings or jeans. Feeling adventurous? Try a printed or textured tank top in a bright neon color or go for a more subtle toned down look with a solid colored tank top with neon embellishments.

If you want to beat the heat during Spring break, a neon custom tank is the way to go. They are the perfect clothing item to make sure you look smoking hot while staying cool! Think tank tops are only for Spring breakers? Think again. This versatile apparel item is perfect for sororities, sports teams, fundraisers, family reunions and more!

Not quite sure about sporting a neon custom tank? Don’t worry; neon looks great on all skin tones. Don’t be afraid to experiment, create your own style and make a bold fashion statement. A custom neon tank top might be just what you need to stand out in the crowd during Spring break!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Creative Ideas & Techniques for Hair Braiding & Hair Extensions

Hair braiding is a great way to give hair some style while at the same time making it manageable. Additionally, hair extensions offer another alternative for creative hair styling for occasions that both casual and extravagant.

These hair styling techniques are very common among women but only the most creative hair styling techniques will stand out. A few of these classy techniques are discussed below in details:

Creative Hair Braiding Techniques

Traditional Style of Hair Braiding

This hair braiding technique is among the few past ideas that the new world has accepted. The following is a description of how this method is undertaken. Ensure the hair is knot free, that is, the comb can easily go through the whole length. Use water or hair gel to dry hair that gives unpleasant results. Hair braiding when wet gives it a smooth tight outlook. Slightly oiled hair gives the best appearance when braided. After combing, the hair should be divided into three even portions that form the three strands of the braid.

The left and right portions should be held by the respective hands leaving the middle portion free. Cross the left portion over the middle portion. Then cross the right portion over the middle portion. This is the process of traditional hair braiding. When done with braiding, wrap an elastic material several times to secure the braid. A hairspray makes the braid last longer. To decorate the braid, a colorful ribbon can be tied at the end.

French Hair Braiding

As in the traditional hair braiding technique, get rid of any knots in the hair. Select a starter hair portion of choice. Separate this portion into three even sub-portions. Grasp these sub-portions by hand; the left portion by the left hand palm and the right by the right hand palm. The middle portion should be held between the index and the thumb fingers of the right hand.

Shift the right sub-portion to the middle, then the left sub-portion to the middle too. From the non-starter portion, add hair to the right sub-portion. Move the center sub-portion to the right .It becomes the right hand sub-section to be held by the right hand palm.

Afterwards, the hair addition to the right sub-portion is done to the left sub-portion. As previously done, the middle portion is shifted to the left and is held by the left hand. This constitutes the process of French hair braiding. At the nape of the neck, there will be no more hair to add. Therefore from there, regular braiding is performed. Finishing touches such as securing the braid, hair spraying and decorating the braid are then carried out.

Fish Tail Hair Braiding Technique

This unique hair braiding technique is common only the best salons in Peoria, IL or those professionals who are true elites of the craft. Usual hair preparations are first carried out. The hair is then separated into two equal sections by hand or by comb. Pull a small portion of the hair on the right into the right hair portion. Hold the right portion using the right hand and let the left portion free. Pull a small portion of the left portion that is near the ear using the left hand.

Hold this sub-portion with the right hand and merge it with the right hand portion of the braid. Now, hold the left hand portion using the left hand. Do to it what has been done to the right hand portion. This is the fish tail hair braiding technique. Continue doing this until there is no more hair to braid. Ensure that the strands pulled are evenly sized. Finish as in all the other techniques.

Creative Hair Extension Techniques

There two very creative techniques stand out in the styles of hair extensions. Below we describe each in greater detail.

Strand by Strand Hair Extensions

This method of hair extensions involves attaching hair pieces one by one to small portions of ones hair through cold or warm fusion, links, beads, tubes, locks or rings. These hair extensions are long lasting and safe to wear thus effective to all women.

Weft Hair Extensions

Common in specialty hair salons that offer extensions, the weft hair extension technique is cheap and easy to apply and therefore saves on time and money that women would want to use in other activities. It involves several hair strands being attached to a single track (weft) at the top but free at the bottom. Application is done by using this single track unlike the strand by strand technique. The available connection methods are: micro rings, tape, glue and sewing to ones original hair.

So ladies, what are you waiting for. Start untapping your creative hair styling techniques with these ideas for hair braiding and extensions.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Timeless, Creative Fashion of Neon Tank Top

Tank tops have been known as sexy, elegant, flashy, and above all, they add dynamism and creativity to a person’s style. Chic and posh tank tops are back in today's mainstream fashion with some variation that makes them stand out. 

This season, neon tank tops are seen as the current tank tops creating commotion all over the globe. And tis the season two wear neon tank tops for warm weather vacations, spring break trips, and sporting events. 

Neon: A Timeless Classic in Tank Tops

Neon tank tops are ever classy and stylish and for many years now, it has proved to be of independent of time. These tops are here to stay and they always look up-to-date. Ranging from color to the fabric, everything with these tops is charming. It is true to say that they have had a long stay in the market and there has been some transformation in the brand types. 

These tank tops are sparking a new age to many stylish individuals. In fact, custom tank tops are becoming rapidly popular. With many companies seeing them as marketing opportunity, wearers are finding them their right choice of tops this year. 

Customized neon tank tops are providing excellent chance for sororities, vacations, organizations, fraternities, schools and various groups to stand out this year. If you really want to get creative, design your own custom tank tops is the way to go. Many online websites, such as The Neon South, offer customers the ability to customized tank tops just the way they want them. Or you can have their professional design team bring your idea to life!

Vintage Pocket Tank Tops 

Talking of the trendiest vintage classic neon tank tops, you can’t miss to have the pocket neon tank tops. These tops are upcoming and soon they are going to take the entire market. Pocket neon tank tops are becoming a better choice especially for college groups, sororities and vacations. Apart from being swishy, many people find them very flexible to wear since you can pair them easily with skirts, shorts and capris. 

For those people who have fine-tuned toned body, and worth showing off, pocket tank tops are vintage choice that shows a little skin. They always present you elegantly when used together with corresponding attractive pair of skirts or shorts. Whether for a summer season or a night out with friends, when paired with stylish high waist pants, they look extremely superb. 

But currently, all eyes are glimpsing to the trendy neon tank tops. The popular neon colors such as neon green, neon red, neon pink and yellow are not only becoming vogue but also very unique. For young and trendy, these tops are in their a must to buy list this year only because they add a splash of color to simple outfits without becoming too imperious. 

Why Rock Neon Tank Tops in Your Wardrobe?

Neon colors significantly say about a person’s personality. A cheerful, daring, bright and bold person would not miss to wear neon tank tops. The tops are exclusively feminine that using them with any outfit puts and edge over an otherwise usual outfit.

If you are interested in wearing a neon tank top this season, consider the following:

1. They come with vibrant plethora colors; therefore, choose one that best suits you.
2. Experiment a variety of neon colors until you get one, which merges, well with your skin tone.
3. For those people having a tanned skin, then these are the right tops for you.
4. Team neon tank tops with a stylish skirt or a trendy short to boost your elegance
5. Avoid being imperious with these tops; therefore, use them with clothes that offset their bright colors.

Choose to stand out this summer with neon tank tops, and make fashionable statement to your friends and peers.

5 Creative At-Home Activities to Keep Old Man Winter at Bay

The cold season often coops families in the house for far too long. This can mentally straining for anyone.

However, there are numerous creative activities that engage and entertain both kids and adults, helping to stay mentally healthy while making the most of winter. Below we share a number of great at-home activities that promote creativity and excitement for all ages.

Creative Games

Games are usually the best way of entertaining both the young and the old. So when the winter cold keeps your family indoors, introduce some creative games.

You can hold the scavenger hunt where each family member finds something that starts with a certain letter in the house. For kids, you can tell them to find specific items, some hidden in the bedrooms. As they reach for the treasures, place obstacles along their way such that they have to crawl or climb over chairs, jumping over a rope and competing to see who will find the said item fast.

Alternatively (and depending on the age of the participants,) you can try some fun board games that promote creativity. Some of the most fun and creative-inducing include Snake Oil and Apples to Apples. These games are super fun and will guarantee many laughs.

Arts and Crafts

For the families with artistic members, spending time indoors can be a great time to be creative. For instance, you can engage your family members in stringing multi-colored pasta so as to make nice looking necklaces and bracelets. Alternatively, you can cut out pieces of paper and color them then make flower models or you could design sculptures using such materials as paint, salt and dough. To make finger paints, you can mix powdered tempera, warm water, liquid dishwashing soap and vinegar.

If you really want to start a project and create something useful and practical, making reusable snack bags is a fantastic idea. Typically created with soft materials like organic cotton reusable snack bags not ignite creativity, but also provide an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. There are many different sources online for DIY reusable snack bags, as well as many different companies that offer reusable snack bags for sale, which you can get inspiration from.


Science experiments can be entertaining to both kids and adults. For instance, you can make soap bubbles and compete to see whose bubble will be the biggest. Try to fold a paper in different ways to make a kite-like model and see whose flies the longest. Make dancing raisins by mixing a cup of water, some raisins and one spoon of baking soda.

Erupting a volcano in the house can also be fun. You can do this by building a dough mountain surrounding a plastic soda bottle. Then pour in the vinegar, baking soda and water, and see as the lava explodes. You can also have each member in the family design a boat using aluminum foil and see whose boat will sink the last when pennies are placed on top of each.


During winter, there are many other adults feeling the winter blues. You can arrange one weekend night where the adults will come together and party together. The activities of the party can include drinking, dancing, eating and having fun and entertainment. You can have different themes for your party depending on what you like. Alternatively, you can also organize a party for the kids where they come and have fun playing together, dancing and eating.

Edible Fun

The indoor fun will not be complete if there is no edible treat. Using straight marshmallows and pretzels build towers and see whose tower will be the tallest. You can also top sugar cookies using candy and frosting so as to make small dessert pizzas. You can also shell peanuts in a food processor or blender by engaging the kids, they will absolutely love this. You can as well pack picnic lunch and go hiking’ all the way to the living room where you spread out a large shawl and have your indoor picnic.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tap Into Your Creativity by Taking Piano Lessons

Learning how to play the piano is one of the many endeavors that children usually take when they are in school. However, if you have never had the chance of learning how to play the piano as a kid, then there are plenty of good reasons as to why you should do it now.

Apart from helping you tap into your creativity, playing the piano offers a whole lot of mental benefits. It's no question why piano lessons are highly sought after by people these days.

Sooth the Soul, Get Creative, & Improve Coordination

Music can be defined as the food for the soul, therefore what better way of soothing your soul than to learn how to play the piano, which creates soulful, calming and relaxing music? By opting to take piano lessons, you will not only be keeping your mind sharp but you will also be able to have years of musical enjoyment because piano makes good brain food!

Playing the piano can foster musical creativity and allow you to dabble with music. You never know what you are capable of until you try your hand at it, therefore playing the piano might be the ideal way to tap into your creativity and explore your passion for music deeper!

One of the top mental benefits offered by piano lessons is that it increases coordination. By learning how to play the piano and by playing it often, you will be able to develop independent coordination as far as your hands are concerned since each of your hands would be required to perform distinct movements. Therefore when you are playing the piano, you are training your hands to function independently and at the same time, you are stimulating different areas of your brain because it is the brain that tells each hand what is to be done.

Acquisition of a new skill, especially a useful one like playing the piano, is a great booster for self-confidence. Moreover, it can help you tackle depression and stress because you will be able to allow yourself to relax by playing the piano. The best thing about taking piano lessons is that there is no age restriction in this case, anyone and everyone can learn how to play the piano if they are genuinely interested in learning and are willing to put in the effort!

Minimize Stress, Maximize Brain Functioning, & Have Fun!

Regardless if you are looking to take piano lessons in Raleigh, NC or piano lessons in Chesterfield, MO, you can usually find a great piano teacher who is willing to show you the way in improving your piano skills. Learning how to play the piano increases brain activity, so it helps one to deal with conditions that are associated with memory loss.

Apart from this, it also helps in lowering one’s blood pressure significantly and in case of children, it helps in enhancing cognitive development. Whether you are playing the piano for leisure or profession, if you do it properly and consistently then you will be able to keep your fingers nimble because it strengthens the muscles present in the hand!

Another top reason why you should go for piano lessons is simply because it is a lot of fun! When you know how to play the piano you will be able to engage in musical doodling, which is just like playing in a sandbox because there are countless ways of enjoying the same, you just need to unleash your creativity!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Custom Tank Tops - A Modern Take on a Classic Trend

When it comes to creatively-modernized fashion, custom tank tops are becoming a huge hit for both men and women who are fashion conscious. Custom tank tops are highly affordable (and comfortable,) thus offering a unique creative outlet that can serve just about any closet.

Custom tank tops can be creatively-designed to match your personality and preferred style. Select styles of tank tops (such as pocket tank tops and neon tank tops) are currently making a huge fashion statement because people like vintage and classic styles.

Pocket Tank Tops 

There are various options to select from if you are looking for customized tank tops. Pocket tank tops have become a popular option for both men and women. They will help you add style to your outfit especially in the summer. Pocket tank tops are a great idea for those hot days when you need a light fabric. The pockets help to add some texture to your closet stable. It is possible to transform your shirts into something unique by simply adding pockets.

One of the main advantages of customized pocket tank tops is that they are versatile; this means that you can wear them with shorts or jeans if you want a casual look. These items are both functional and fashionable. They are made of breathable fabrics such as cotton and chiffon. This keeps you cool even on the hottest day. They also have short sleeves and this allows you to make movements without restrictions.

These custom tank tops often have open necklines and this makes this vintage style flattering. If you are looking for a classic style that will make a statement, custom pocket tank tops are a great choice. You can also get some with button closures to get a better and secure fit. They are available in bold and bright colors, to make each step you make dramatic. You can find these custom tank tops in many different styles at websites like

Neon Tank Tops 

If you are one of those people who like to stand out in a crowd, neon tank tops are a good option. You can choose those made of spandex or lace. There are various style options to select from the neon tank tops including racerback, coral, graphic, high low, knit, semi sheer, and sleeveless knit.

These tank tops combine a vintage style with a modern color. Neon will look great if you are willing to experiment with a variety of colors. You can pair your tank tops with jeans, shorts, and skirts. They look great when they are paired with neutral colors because this brings out their brightness. Custom tank tops in neon will help you create a bold look and still look a little tame if you pair it with a neutral color.

Custom tank tops allow you to show off your shoulders and arms in a classic item that has some modern features. They are a great option for sporty people. You can wear one when you go out to play a sport, relax on the beach, or when you are out running errands. They can also make a great addition to your outfit if you are looking for something bold for a night out.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Untapping Creativity: An Introduction

Welcome, friend. It's great to see you. Go ahead, bump it.

As the first ever post here at Untapping Creativity, we thought a brief introduction would be a purposeful way to kick things off.

Untapping Creativity is a fresh source of ideas, news, and innovations about all thing creative. Whether for business or for pleasure, we plan to cover a wide range of stories to enlighten readers who are deeply inspired by all things creative.

From your creative friends here at the Untapping Creavity blog: Cheers! Here's to blogging about the coolest and most creative stuff on the web!