Friday, April 11, 2014

Creative, Healthy Ideas for Retirement Community Activities

In today's day in age, it is important to have elderly residents living in retirement communities getting involved and engaged in a variety of activities. With creative and stimulating activities and programs, older adults can better interact and socialize with one another, improve their physical and mental well-being, explore their creative senses, and make life more enjoyable.

The most suitable activities for seniors are those that enable participants to maintain their individuality while catering to their interests and tastes. Assisted living facilities and retirement communities often miss the mark in offering these types of activities, leaving residents feeling incomplete, bored, and depressed.

Categories of Senior-friendly Activities

Activities for seniors can be grouped into different categories. This may include creative pursuits, education, health and fitness, reaction and interaction. Within these categories there are numerous activities which are suitable for seniors despite their physical capabilities or any other capabilities.

As earlier stated, these retirement community activities enable seniors to socialize, enhance and maintain their health and bring more activity into their life. Below we explore a number of creative, health ideas for retirement community activities that residents will enjoy and thrive upon.

1. Physical & Mental Health Activities

These are highly important categories and it is therefore important to find engaging activities which will help in improving their overall well-being. Some of the physical activities that they can engage themselves in includes altered yoga, water aerobics, light dance classes and weight training as well as chair exercises.

When it comes to hand-eye coordination exercises, they can play table tennis, pool. The seniors who are chair-bound can play balloon tennis.

Having them attend health and nutrition seminars is another brilliant idea. It is from such seminars that they will get to learn the importance of good nutrition and even learn simple recipes of healthy treats while they interact with one another and share different ideas.

In order to keep the aging mind sharp and improve the memory, there are various games that seniors can play. Some of these include different brain games such as the matching card, word association and cross word puzzles. Another great activity used to enhance mental health is forming book clubs. This will enable the seniors to gain access and read different books which will help improve mental fitness and exercise their brains.

2. Creative & Artistic Pursuits

Creativity is highly important. In order to encourage this, arts and crafts classes can be provided. Seniors can participate in light wood work, soft sculpture and painting. They can also do knitting, quilting circles, beading and flower arranging classes, gardening societies, scrap booking and creative writing classes.

You can also have them attend craft fairs and have them participate by displaying their artworks. This event can be organized between different retirement communities. Snyder Village, one of the top retirement communities in Peoria, IL, is highly engaged in these types of activities, and has realized positive results and well-being among the community.

3. Cultural, Historical & Educational Activities

Some of the activities included here are going out for field trips to visit historic places and museums. Concerts and theater can either be arranged in-house or as a field tour. You can also come up with clubs where senior citizen can meet on a regular basis and get to discuss current affairs.

A history project is another brilliant idea which will enable senior citizens share personal memories of historical events. This will enable them learn different cultures and keep them entertained.

Do you have any senior-friendly activities that can be explored in more retirement community settings? Let us know in the comments section below.

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