Wednesday, May 7, 2014

5 Creative Ideas for Kitchen Tile Backsplashes and Vanities

Without a doubt, cooking or eating in a contemporary kitchen that's complete with creative tile backsplashes and vanities is very enjoyable. Most homeowners take special consideration with kitchen, design as it is considered the heart of a home. This is where every family member spends their time, sharing stories while enjoying a meals and each others' company.

When it comes to kitchen design, one of the most considered materials is tile. Tile come in different patterns, shapes and sizes. Not only is tile composed of durable materials perfect for handling the messes from preparing and cooking meals, but tile can offer endless possibilities to explore creativity.

So whether you're working with an experienced local tile store or doing it yourself, in this article we share five creative tile ideas for kitchen vanities and backsplashes.




Colorful Malibu Tile

This tile backsplash design is inspired by the vibrant colors of Malibu. With a California-meets-Spanish tile feel, the tiles are used as eccentric pieces installed on the kitchen walls. The exhaust hood above the stove is also installed with tiles matching the color of the entire kitchen. To make it more appealing, it is combined with oak cabinets in rich brown color. (image source)

Two-Color Tile Combo

Combine a vibrant color with a lighter tone and you will get a bright kitchen aura. This creative kitchen design plays only with two colors but the over-all effect is amazing. The blue tiles are installed in mosaic finish where it accentuates the white paint. It is then accessorized with contrasting colors of brown center table and rug. For homeowners who want to have a clean feel, this two-color combo is perfect. (image source)





  Timeless Kitchen Tile

For a kitchen that will never be out of the trends, classical pieces and neutral colors are combined in this tile vanity. The kitchen is designed with rich wooden cupboards and paired up with ceramic tiles. The plain tiles are combined to give a clean look without compromising the over-all design of the kitchen. White ceramic tiles are used to bring the brightness of the room. (image source)











Contemporary Black and White Tile

Black and white kitchens are one of the trendiest designs to date. The combination of dark and light hues makes the whole kitchen very appealing to young homeowners. This sleek kitchen is made with black tiles perfectly installed on both sides of the kitchen. White paint is used to give the entire kitchen an impression of a bigger space.(image source )


Industrial Style Tile

The use of stainless steel and wood can be combined to give the kitchen an industrial look. The tiles used on the walls gives a rustic feel, while the floor tiles blends all the colors together. Industrial style kitchens are preferred by home cooks as it gives an ambiance of being in a commercial kitchen. (image source )

These are just a few of creative tile designs for kitchen vanities and backsplashes. Spanning from ceramic tile to mosaic tile, there are still thousands of ideas shared all over magazines and online publications. The only thing you need to do is to choose the tile projects that appeal the most to you and your family.


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    This is fine anyway nice try guys keep on hard working, truly nice info!

  2. This is fine anyway nice try guys keep on hard working, truly nice info!
    This is fine anyway nice try guys keep on hard working, truly nice info!

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