Monday, September 15, 2014

5 Creative Embroidery Designs for Sewing Machines

You can use a great embroidery sewing machine to help you create some nice looks if you use the right designs. What happens here is that the fabric you will add a design onto will be kept in place and stabilized on the body of the unit. A proper embroidery design format will then be uploaded onto the machine. This can work through a computer file being made in the right format while it is loaded onto the specific body of the sewing machine.

You can use all sorts of fine embroidery designs that will fit in with your demands as needed. Here are a few of the best options when looking for embroidery designs for sewing machines. These come in many forms and feature a variety of designs and colors that will fit in well for any project where attention to detail is important.

All of these embroidery design for sewing machines can be found at There you can find thousands of machine embroidery designs for all purposes and projects. Explore the website and see the many options available. 

Tom Turkey

What makes the Tom Turkey embroidery design a great option is that it can work with a variety of colors. This embroidery design for sewing machines can be uploaded to a sewing machine and then created with a series of dense lines on the wings of the bird. In addition, the colors will change from the inside to outside parts of the design. This creates a more interesting look that adds a little more density to the design at large.

Tribal Style Butterfly

The Tribal Style Butterfly design is a quality embroidery design for sewing machines that has a brilliant tone to it. It features a brilliant pattern that uses a series of different curves and lines around the butterfly's wings. These are identical on each half and spaced properly to create a consistent and equal appearance around the entire body of the design.





Circle Tree

The Circle Tree embroidery design combines a traditional tree base with three branches that lead out to feature a series of circular rings and shapes coming out of each branch. These three branches are different in size and will create a little more detail that makes the entire appearance of the tree more appealing. The tree is designed with a proper symmetrical look that is very different and attractive for all to explore and use as needed.





Paint Brush & Easel

The Paint Brush & Easel design mixes a fine easel design with several smaller color spots to represent the paints that may be found on that unit. This sewing machine embroidery design can mix with a two-color brush to add a better sense of attention to the material in general. This creates a special look that will add to the overall quality of the art piece when it is designed with care.






North Star Dolphins

The North Star Dolphins design features a series of dolphins that are paired together in a shape that makes it look like a star. It is symbolic of the North Star, a famous star that is often used as a means of helping people to find their way when they are lost. The machine embroidery design creates a real star-like pattern that is easy to follow and use as desired. The consistent gray color of the pattern will establish a realistic look that matches up with the natural look of a typical dolphin in the water.


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