Tuesday, February 25, 2014

5 Creative At-Home Activities to Keep Old Man Winter at Bay

The cold season often coops families in the house for far too long. This can mentally straining for anyone.

However, there are numerous creative activities that engage and entertain both kids and adults, helping to stay mentally healthy while making the most of winter. Below we share a number of great at-home activities that promote creativity and excitement for all ages.

Creative Games

Games are usually the best way of entertaining both the young and the old. So when the winter cold keeps your family indoors, introduce some creative games.

You can hold the scavenger hunt where each family member finds something that starts with a certain letter in the house. For kids, you can tell them to find specific items, some hidden in the bedrooms. As they reach for the treasures, place obstacles along their way such that they have to crawl or climb over chairs, jumping over a rope and competing to see who will find the said item fast.

Alternatively (and depending on the age of the participants,) you can try some fun board games that promote creativity. Some of the most fun and creative-inducing include Snake Oil and Apples to Apples. These games are super fun and will guarantee many laughs.

Arts and Crafts

For the families with artistic members, spending time indoors can be a great time to be creative. For instance, you can engage your family members in stringing multi-colored pasta so as to make nice looking necklaces and bracelets. Alternatively, you can cut out pieces of paper and color them then make flower models or you could design sculptures using such materials as paint, salt and dough. To make finger paints, you can mix powdered tempera, warm water, liquid dishwashing soap and vinegar.

If you really want to start a project and create something useful and practical, making reusable snack bags is a fantastic idea. Typically created with soft materials like organic cotton reusable snack bags not ignite creativity, but also provide an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. There are many different sources online for DIY reusable snack bags, as well as many different companies that offer reusable snack bags for sale, which you can get inspiration from.


Science experiments can be entertaining to both kids and adults. For instance, you can make soap bubbles and compete to see whose bubble will be the biggest. Try to fold a paper in different ways to make a kite-like model and see whose flies the longest. Make dancing raisins by mixing a cup of water, some raisins and one spoon of baking soda.

Erupting a volcano in the house can also be fun. You can do this by building a dough mountain surrounding a plastic soda bottle. Then pour in the vinegar, baking soda and water, and see as the lava explodes. You can also have each member in the family design a boat using aluminum foil and see whose boat will sink the last when pennies are placed on top of each.


During winter, there are many other adults feeling the winter blues. You can arrange one weekend night where the adults will come together and party together. The activities of the party can include drinking, dancing, eating and having fun and entertainment. You can have different themes for your party depending on what you like. Alternatively, you can also organize a party for the kids where they come and have fun playing together, dancing and eating.

Edible Fun

The indoor fun will not be complete if there is no edible treat. Using straight marshmallows and pretzels build towers and see whose tower will be the tallest. You can also top sugar cookies using candy and frosting so as to make small dessert pizzas. You can also shell peanuts in a food processor or blender by engaging the kids, they will absolutely love this. You can as well pack picnic lunch and go hiking’ all the way to the living room where you spread out a large shawl and have your indoor picnic.

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