Friday, June 27, 2014

Pocket Tank Tops: The New "In" for Creative Summer Fashion

With the cold weather behind us, it’s going to be a sunny outlook in the next few months and you definitely want your wardrobe to match the weather in every way. It’s time to step out of the furs and into summer-friendly attire that is not only convenient but trendy.

What better way to get in step than with the fashionable pocket tank tops or simply pocket tanks. These are simply tight fitting, low necked, sleeveless upper clothing that have creatively incorporated a stitched or colored pocket.  

Pocket tank tops have wide shoulder straps but do not have a front opening. Undoubtedly, pocket tank tops are becoming the rave in summer attire because they are not only comfortable to wear but they are also fashionable. They are indeed a fun and cute way to express style and let your personality to shine through.

Vintage Pocket Tanks, Reborn

This attire was popular in the 1920’s and as a vintage classic, it is currently re-emerging as a very popular option for those in the mainstream. Today, men and women around the world are increasingly making the pocket tanks a necessary piece of attire for their wardrobes.

Pocket tanks have been topping the list in the hottest summer trends mainly because they are so many things wrapped up in one piece of clothing; they allow you to sport both the casual and elegant look, they are stylish and tailored with the shape of your body in mind and they allow you to feel cooler in hot weather.

They are also readily available in a wide range of fabrics, designs and colors that one can choose from. Pocket Tanks can conveniently be used everywhere; they can even be worn to the office with casual pants or a miniskirt, or they can be worn under the blazer.

Custom Pocket Tank Tops

To get the best out of donning the pocket tank tops, you can choose to have pocket tanks customized to your liking. Some websites like will be very helpful as they specialize in creating custom color-combination pocket tanks.

The younger and more stylish shoppers will especially be fascinated by the limitless options in creativity by this cool website that makes the tanks very attractive. The website’s specialty for coming up with custom tank tops ranges from sororities, clubs, corporate promotions, bachelorette parties, fraternities and anyone else who would appreciate the quality designs and products.

A pocket tank top definitely a must-have piece of attire in everyone’s closet. So what is stopping you from getting trendy? Allow your wardrobe a breath of fresh air and get trendy with the pocket tank tops.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Three Creative Ways To Style Your Hair

The hair of a woman contributes significantly to her overall look. No matter how elegant her dress is or how perfect her makeup appears to be, one thing is for sure is that a poorly-styled hair-do will ruin her look.

It's no question why women spend a lot of time in discovering and experimenting with different hairstyles - it's paramount to looking good.

If you are like most women who want to flaunt a well-styled hair wherever you go, here are three creative ways on how you can give your hair a unique look.

Hair Extensions

Many women around the globe are using hair extensions to add a bit of twist to their current hairstyle. If you want to try it, you can freely choose from a wide variety of available hair extensions.

The first type is bonding. This type of hair extension adds volume or vivacious streaks of color to your hair. With the use of a special adhesive, trails of hair are glued to the roots of the hair.

The second type is tracking. In concentric circles, natural tresses are braided around the head. For a full head, you would need a minimum of 8 tracks.

The third type is fusion. It is considered as one of the most natural-looking weaves in the market. A machine such as a hot glue gun is used to stick hair extensions to individual strands of the hair. With its popularity, it is also deemed as one of the most expensive and time-consuming types of hair extensions.

Other types of hair extensions include No Braids No Glue, Netting, Tree Braiding, Lace Extensions, Micro Braiding, and Clip-in and Clip-on Hair Extensions.

Velcro Rollers and Bangs

Do you want your hair to have a sexy look? Then, you should look into some Velcro rollers. This is creative way to add some body to your hair. In addition to rollers, you can use a styling spray and a curling iron to achieve this unique look for your hair.

Using a medium curling iron, curl 2-inch sections of your hair and proceed in rolling your hair with the use of Velcro rollers. Bangs are still hot if you just know how to choose the right one for your hair. Thick, side-swept and blunt bangs are three most popular types of bangs that are used worldwide.

If you have a long and straight hair, stylists advise you to get blunt bangs. If you decide to go for side-swept bangs, try the one with long layers. These bangs must also extend up to the middle of your brows. Thick bangs are still hot, you just have to make sure that it will fit into the shape of your face.

Hair Colors and Up-dos

Most often, women decide to color their hair to give it a refreshing look. Hairstylists advise women to choose the right hair color for their complexion. Hair colors that are hot nowadays are brunette, blonde and red.

If you have a pink skin tone, a red hair color can look good with you. Olive-skinned women can also have a blonde hair color if they wish.

A loose up-do is also a creative way to style your hair. You can do this by finger-combing your hair into a low, scruffy knot. Afterwards, attach it using a ponytail holder and pins.

Do you have any creative hair styling ideas to share? Let us know in the comments below!