Thursday, February 27, 2014

Creative Ideas & Techniques for Hair Braiding & Hair Extensions

Hair braiding is a great way to give hair some style while at the same time making it manageable. Additionally, hair extensions offer another alternative for creative hair styling for occasions that both casual and extravagant.

These hair styling techniques are very common among women but only the most creative hair styling techniques will stand out. A few of these classy techniques are discussed below in details:

Creative Hair Braiding Techniques

Traditional Style of Hair Braiding

This hair braiding technique is among the few past ideas that the new world has accepted. The following is a description of how this method is undertaken. Ensure the hair is knot free, that is, the comb can easily go through the whole length. Use water or hair gel to dry hair that gives unpleasant results. Hair braiding when wet gives it a smooth tight outlook. Slightly oiled hair gives the best appearance when braided. After combing, the hair should be divided into three even portions that form the three strands of the braid.

The left and right portions should be held by the respective hands leaving the middle portion free. Cross the left portion over the middle portion. Then cross the right portion over the middle portion. This is the process of traditional hair braiding. When done with braiding, wrap an elastic material several times to secure the braid. A hairspray makes the braid last longer. To decorate the braid, a colorful ribbon can be tied at the end.

French Hair Braiding

As in the traditional hair braiding technique, get rid of any knots in the hair. Select a starter hair portion of choice. Separate this portion into three even sub-portions. Grasp these sub-portions by hand; the left portion by the left hand palm and the right by the right hand palm. The middle portion should be held between the index and the thumb fingers of the right hand.

Shift the right sub-portion to the middle, then the left sub-portion to the middle too. From the non-starter portion, add hair to the right sub-portion. Move the center sub-portion to the right .It becomes the right hand sub-section to be held by the right hand palm.

Afterwards, the hair addition to the right sub-portion is done to the left sub-portion. As previously done, the middle portion is shifted to the left and is held by the left hand. This constitutes the process of French hair braiding. At the nape of the neck, there will be no more hair to add. Therefore from there, regular braiding is performed. Finishing touches such as securing the braid, hair spraying and decorating the braid are then carried out.

Fish Tail Hair Braiding Technique

This unique hair braiding technique is common only the best salons in Peoria, IL or those professionals who are true elites of the craft. Usual hair preparations are first carried out. The hair is then separated into two equal sections by hand or by comb. Pull a small portion of the hair on the right into the right hair portion. Hold the right portion using the right hand and let the left portion free. Pull a small portion of the left portion that is near the ear using the left hand.

Hold this sub-portion with the right hand and merge it with the right hand portion of the braid. Now, hold the left hand portion using the left hand. Do to it what has been done to the right hand portion. This is the fish tail hair braiding technique. Continue doing this until there is no more hair to braid. Ensure that the strands pulled are evenly sized. Finish as in all the other techniques.

Creative Hair Extension Techniques

There two very creative techniques stand out in the styles of hair extensions. Below we describe each in greater detail.

Strand by Strand Hair Extensions

This method of hair extensions involves attaching hair pieces one by one to small portions of ones hair through cold or warm fusion, links, beads, tubes, locks or rings. These hair extensions are long lasting and safe to wear thus effective to all women.

Weft Hair Extensions

Common in specialty hair salons that offer extensions, the weft hair extension technique is cheap and easy to apply and therefore saves on time and money that women would want to use in other activities. It involves several hair strands being attached to a single track (weft) at the top but free at the bottom. Application is done by using this single track unlike the strand by strand technique. The available connection methods are: micro rings, tape, glue and sewing to ones original hair.

So ladies, what are you waiting for. Start untapping your creative hair styling techniques with these ideas for hair braiding and extensions.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Timeless, Creative Fashion of Neon Tank Top

Tank tops have been known as sexy, elegant, flashy, and above all, they add dynamism and creativity to a person’s style. Chic and posh tank tops are back in today's mainstream fashion with some variation that makes them stand out. 

This season, neon tank tops are seen as the current tank tops creating commotion all over the globe. And tis the season two wear neon tank tops for warm weather vacations, spring break trips, and sporting events. 

Neon: A Timeless Classic in Tank Tops

Neon tank tops are ever classy and stylish and for many years now, it has proved to be of independent of time. These tops are here to stay and they always look up-to-date. Ranging from color to the fabric, everything with these tops is charming. It is true to say that they have had a long stay in the market and there has been some transformation in the brand types. 

These tank tops are sparking a new age to many stylish individuals. In fact, custom tank tops are becoming rapidly popular. With many companies seeing them as marketing opportunity, wearers are finding them their right choice of tops this year. 

Customized neon tank tops are providing excellent chance for sororities, vacations, organizations, fraternities, schools and various groups to stand out this year. If you really want to get creative, design your own custom tank tops is the way to go. Many online websites, such as The Neon South, offer customers the ability to customized tank tops just the way they want them. Or you can have their professional design team bring your idea to life!

Vintage Pocket Tank Tops 

Talking of the trendiest vintage classic neon tank tops, you can’t miss to have the pocket neon tank tops. These tops are upcoming and soon they are going to take the entire market. Pocket neon tank tops are becoming a better choice especially for college groups, sororities and vacations. Apart from being swishy, many people find them very flexible to wear since you can pair them easily with skirts, shorts and capris. 

For those people who have fine-tuned toned body, and worth showing off, pocket tank tops are vintage choice that shows a little skin. They always present you elegantly when used together with corresponding attractive pair of skirts or shorts. Whether for a summer season or a night out with friends, when paired with stylish high waist pants, they look extremely superb. 

But currently, all eyes are glimpsing to the trendy neon tank tops. The popular neon colors such as neon green, neon red, neon pink and yellow are not only becoming vogue but also very unique. For young and trendy, these tops are in their a must to buy list this year only because they add a splash of color to simple outfits without becoming too imperious. 

Why Rock Neon Tank Tops in Your Wardrobe?

Neon colors significantly say about a person’s personality. A cheerful, daring, bright and bold person would not miss to wear neon tank tops. The tops are exclusively feminine that using them with any outfit puts and edge over an otherwise usual outfit.

If you are interested in wearing a neon tank top this season, consider the following:

1. They come with vibrant plethora colors; therefore, choose one that best suits you.
2. Experiment a variety of neon colors until you get one, which merges, well with your skin tone.
3. For those people having a tanned skin, then these are the right tops for you.
4. Team neon tank tops with a stylish skirt or a trendy short to boost your elegance
5. Avoid being imperious with these tops; therefore, use them with clothes that offset their bright colors.

Choose to stand out this summer with neon tank tops, and make fashionable statement to your friends and peers.

5 Creative At-Home Activities to Keep Old Man Winter at Bay

The cold season often coops families in the house for far too long. This can mentally straining for anyone.

However, there are numerous creative activities that engage and entertain both kids and adults, helping to stay mentally healthy while making the most of winter. Below we share a number of great at-home activities that promote creativity and excitement for all ages.

Creative Games

Games are usually the best way of entertaining both the young and the old. So when the winter cold keeps your family indoors, introduce some creative games.

You can hold the scavenger hunt where each family member finds something that starts with a certain letter in the house. For kids, you can tell them to find specific items, some hidden in the bedrooms. As they reach for the treasures, place obstacles along their way such that they have to crawl or climb over chairs, jumping over a rope and competing to see who will find the said item fast.

Alternatively (and depending on the age of the participants,) you can try some fun board games that promote creativity. Some of the most fun and creative-inducing include Snake Oil and Apples to Apples. These games are super fun and will guarantee many laughs.

Arts and Crafts

For the families with artistic members, spending time indoors can be a great time to be creative. For instance, you can engage your family members in stringing multi-colored pasta so as to make nice looking necklaces and bracelets. Alternatively, you can cut out pieces of paper and color them then make flower models or you could design sculptures using such materials as paint, salt and dough. To make finger paints, you can mix powdered tempera, warm water, liquid dishwashing soap and vinegar.

If you really want to start a project and create something useful and practical, making reusable snack bags is a fantastic idea. Typically created with soft materials like organic cotton reusable snack bags not ignite creativity, but also provide an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. There are many different sources online for DIY reusable snack bags, as well as many different companies that offer reusable snack bags for sale, which you can get inspiration from.


Science experiments can be entertaining to both kids and adults. For instance, you can make soap bubbles and compete to see whose bubble will be the biggest. Try to fold a paper in different ways to make a kite-like model and see whose flies the longest. Make dancing raisins by mixing a cup of water, some raisins and one spoon of baking soda.

Erupting a volcano in the house can also be fun. You can do this by building a dough mountain surrounding a plastic soda bottle. Then pour in the vinegar, baking soda and water, and see as the lava explodes. You can also have each member in the family design a boat using aluminum foil and see whose boat will sink the last when pennies are placed on top of each.


During winter, there are many other adults feeling the winter blues. You can arrange one weekend night where the adults will come together and party together. The activities of the party can include drinking, dancing, eating and having fun and entertainment. You can have different themes for your party depending on what you like. Alternatively, you can also organize a party for the kids where they come and have fun playing together, dancing and eating.

Edible Fun

The indoor fun will not be complete if there is no edible treat. Using straight marshmallows and pretzels build towers and see whose tower will be the tallest. You can also top sugar cookies using candy and frosting so as to make small dessert pizzas. You can also shell peanuts in a food processor or blender by engaging the kids, they will absolutely love this. You can as well pack picnic lunch and go hiking’ all the way to the living room where you spread out a large shawl and have your indoor picnic.