Friday, March 28, 2014

5 Creatively-Funny Ideas for Custom Tank Tops

Tank tops are unique tops that are usually worn during the summer season; and since summer is just a few months away, we all know that you're already thinking of ways on how to spice up your tank tops. Just a quick note though, these custom tank tops are something that you might want to keep all year round.

Featuring sarcastic elements and comedy on the clothes you wear are some of the great ways to showcase your sense of humor and playfulness. Though, if you're a bit worried about drawing too much attention, then these funny custom tank tops might be a little too forward.

Nonetheless, it's ideal for those who want to stand out from the crowd and leave an impression on anyone who notices it. These creative ideas for custom tank tops would surely add some spunk to your ordinary outfit!

For Fitness Buffs

This workout muscle shirt is ideal for serious fitness buffs. Those fitness freaks who spend 110% of their energy every time they hit the gym. Any plain tank top would do, but black would be perfect! Write the quote in bold, red letters to catch people's attention; and whoever reads your top will know that you mean business.

Aside from the fact that other people will know that you're a very dedicated health enthusiast, they'll also find it hilarious. After all, you're giving the impression that you see your workout regimens as criminals.

If you're planning to give this as a personalized gift, your boyfriend or brother who's a fitness fanatic would surely appreciate this. This custom tank top is great way to let them know that you notice their dedicated gym efforts.

Be Brutally Frank

Due to fan Expos and summer's re-release of classic superhero films, there's no doubt that most girls have shown some interest in the 'I Only Date Super Heroes' statements. These superhero movies have influenced the majority of the female relationship-- to stick with the unrealistically high standards and criteria when dating men.

The crime-fighting characters in Captain America, Spiderman, and The Avengers would surely make the suitors aware that you have strict dating policies and they have very flimsy chances of dating you-- you're wearing a custom tank top that doesn't sugarcoat reality.

Grumpy is the Way to Go

These custom tank tops could be worn by both males and females who want the crowd to know that they wouldn't care less to their rants. A great way to show your annoyance about returning to school or dealing with your friends' drama.

This statement print goes well with the grunge and punk trends that aren't restricted to summer, but would be cool during fall as well. This design could be best paired with distressed denims.

Blatantly Lying Without A Care

Who doesn't appreciate a witty joke? With this print, people would be laughing with you instead of at you. This ingenious statement design is one of the most hilarious products that make fun of the fitness world.

A tank top that's not your typical muscle promoting shirt. Hence, the majority of the time, the shirt would scream how confident you are, and you're not shy of expressing your ways.


Anti-Social Excuses

Not just for anti-social beings, but for cat lovers as well. Custom tank tops like these are some of the hilarious ways to bail out on the plans you don't want to confront with. This statement shirt proclaims that your feline buddy is more important than them.

For those who'd rather stay at home instead of going out, you can't deny the fact that you have a long list of excuses that you use from time to time. While popular excuses such as “too much work” or “family events” could help you avoid those plans you don't want to partake in, this cat one is bluntly funny, yet honest. This would let people know that you don't really want to hang out with them.

A cat lover custom tank top that's a nifty gift for a cat-obsessed friend. So where do you begin in designing custom tank tops? The Neon South, of course. Here you can custom design tank tops with your logo, designs, and working. Their easy designer interface makes it super easy to design custom tank tops just the way you want!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How Creative Exercses Can Help Sustain Optimal Mental Health

As we age, our levels of memory, creativity, and overall mental health can diminish. For this reason, people of all ages (particularly seniors and elders) should strive to keep their minds' sharp.

Just like you exercise your body to stay fit you should also do creative and mental exercises to minimize future mental health issues. There have been studies done that revealed that people who learn other languages as they got older did not have problems with remembering.

When you learn another language it builds more connections in your brain. These connections act like highways transporting information from one part of your mind to another.

Building more mental connections is important as we age. Doing things to stimulate your brain power is excellent in warding off mental health problems down the road. This can significantly reduce the risks of depression, dementia, and many other associated issues.

Fresh Ideas to Keep Mind Engaged, Sharp, and Creative

Start by doing creative exercises daily but do not over do it by trying for hours at a time. The goal is not to tire your mind out its to encourage retention. So one hour a day is more than enough to be effective.

Crossword puzzles and games help a lot to keep your clarity and focus. These are easily accessible by most individuals and offer a fun and engaging way to stay mentally sharp.

Because of this increased need for mental stimulation companies such as Luminosity have arisen. This is a great tool to use to increase your retention and memory. Of course to use this you will need a computer. Many people can upload a version to their smartphone or their iPad.

Luminosity is great because it is a structured program designed by experts to increase brain functioning. It has easy to follow guides that increase in difficulty as time goes on. So if you begin an say to yourself this is not hard at all - just wait you will be challenged later on.

Try to make it a point to learn something brand new daily. This something often encouraged at retirement communities and homes with seniors. This could be something you wish to learn such as a musical instrument or it could be a skill such as cooking or driving.

Creative exercises can be simple such as painting a picture or as complex as drawing designs for a house. It can be learning a new game to play or figuring out math problems without a calculator. Doing crosswords puzzles and jigsaw puzzles work different sides of your brain. So doing both is an excellent idea.

Try each day to focus your energies on creative pursuits. Practice writing a poem or creating characters in a plot. Visit new places such as aquariums or museums to keep an interest in the area. Plan vacations to places that you have never been to. Or if you're involved in retirement community, many of retirement communities offer seniors activities and outings.

For instance, one retirement community in the Peoria area, Snyder Village, holds regular golf outings, bingo nights, and many more activities. As one of the best retirement communities in Peoria, IL, Snyder Village has a reputation for healthy and happy seniors.

The next time that you sit down at the computer do log onto Luminosity and check it out. There is much to be gained from participating in the various creative exercises.

What is important is that for every new activity you learn you are adding more connections or pathways to both sections of your brain. People that do this regularly will recover better if they do have a stroke later on. Because when they need to relearn some things the information will be accessible.

Monday, March 17, 2014

5 Creative DIY Tile Projects to Enhance Your Home's Decor

Tile can transform home's decor in many different ways. Whether it's ceramic tile flooring for the bathroom or an exotic tile vanity for the kitchen, embarking on a tile project is a great way to enhance the look and ambiance of almost any room.

No matter what tile design you choose, in most cases you can install the tile yourself with the right tools and instruction. In this blog post, we'll share some creative, DIY-friendly ideas for tile projects around the home.

Simple Tile Art

One of the most basic yet fun ways to integrate tile in your home is paint on blank tiles, and use the tiles as coasters, stepping-stones, or other creative applications around the home. Also known as tile art, get crafty and paint a few tiles with patterns or images (like wine grapes for a coaster.) The possibilities are endless!

Creative Bathroom Tile

Adding tile to a bathroom offers many ways to set a more stylish and visually-appealing tone. Some of the most popular tile projects for the bathroom include vanities and flooring. In many cases, especially for flooring, ceramic tile works the best for the bathroom.

You can also opt for special-purpose tiles (which work great in high-moisture settings) in the sink and vanity area. So of the most creative bathroom tile projects are designed with space to hold toothbrushes, soap, or cups. Also common and highly creative is to make the entire vanity wall and sink area of your bathroom a nice tile.

Outdoor Tile Flooring

A growing trend in outdoor tile design is the use of natural stone. Natural stone tile in outdoor settings offer an elegant look to any settings. Some of the most attractive and outdoor-friendly tiles include White Oak, Statuario, and Calacatta Gold. Almost all of these tile applications can be integrated with ease. Look for opportunities to add creative tile flooring to patios, outdoor fireplaces, gardens and planters, and window trim.

Stone Tile for the Kitchen

Kitchen stone tile, such as stone mosaic tile, is ideal for all types of kitchen areas. The pattern on this form of natural stone tile draws attention to the complete space.

Install mosaic stone tile on kitchen walls and vanities, or in specific areas such as above the stove or sink. To give a look with more dimension and depth, you can choose glass mosaic tiles. Just keep in mind cleaning and maintaining the tile when choosing the right products.

Subway Tile for the Kitchen

A subway tile scheme is a timeless classic for the kitchen. In most cases, these 3" x 6" ceramic tiles with gloss finish that come in a multitude of colors. What's great about this style of tile is that it's easy to clean and can help illuminate the entire kitchen.

Additionally, you can find this form of tile at most tile dealers in Bloomington, IL. You can choose a simple monochromatic tile design or you can add a sense of depth by blending herringbone tiles as a backsplash (often times behind the oven or sink.)

Do you have any simple yet super-creative DIY tile project ideas to share? Let us know in the comments section below.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Get Custom Neon Tank Tops for Your Spring Break Vacation Group

College students everywhere are counting down the days until Spring break officially kicks off. It is approaching quickly, and style conscious Spring breakers everywhere are on the hunt for hot trendy fashion styles to wear on their vacations.

An emerging fashion trend gaining in popularity is custom clothing, especially neon custom tank tops. The hot steamy temperatures make custom neon tank tops the must have fashion item for anyone who wants to make an eye-catching fashion statement.

The major selling points of custom neon tank tops are their versatility, the many styles options they offer and both men and women look amazing wearing them. Custom tanks are not only sporty and stylish they are ideal for the gym. Throw on a tank top to keep cool during strenuous workouts and show off sexy toned arms.

Custom neon tank tops are also great for layering over swimsuits and underneath sweaters, cardigans sweatshirts or blazers. Since custom tank tops come in several styles, such as racer-back, spaghetti strap, muscle tanks, athletic tanks and halter style tank tops, you are sure to find a style complimentary to your body size, budget and personal taste.

What’s the best color for your tank top? Neon – of course! It is the hottest color of the season. Neon colors are bright, attention-grabbing, cool, fun and flirty. A custom neon tank top from The Neon South will definitely turn heads and get you noticed, whether hanging out with friends on the beach or dancing the night away in the club.

They are best paired with a cute denim skirt, a pair of shorts, leggings or jeans. Feeling adventurous? Try a printed or textured tank top in a bright neon color or go for a more subtle toned down look with a solid colored tank top with neon embellishments.

If you want to beat the heat during Spring break, a neon custom tank is the way to go. They are the perfect clothing item to make sure you look smoking hot while staying cool! Think tank tops are only for Spring breakers? Think again. This versatile apparel item is perfect for sororities, sports teams, fundraisers, family reunions and more!

Not quite sure about sporting a neon custom tank? Don’t worry; neon looks great on all skin tones. Don’t be afraid to experiment, create your own style and make a bold fashion statement. A custom neon tank top might be just what you need to stand out in the crowd during Spring break!