Monday, March 17, 2014

5 Creative DIY Tile Projects to Enhance Your Home's Decor

Tile can transform home's decor in many different ways. Whether it's ceramic tile flooring for the bathroom or an exotic tile vanity for the kitchen, embarking on a tile project is a great way to enhance the look and ambiance of almost any room.

No matter what tile design you choose, in most cases you can install the tile yourself with the right tools and instruction. In this blog post, we'll share some creative, DIY-friendly ideas for tile projects around the home.

Simple Tile Art

One of the most basic yet fun ways to integrate tile in your home is paint on blank tiles, and use the tiles as coasters, stepping-stones, or other creative applications around the home. Also known as tile art, get crafty and paint a few tiles with patterns or images (like wine grapes for a coaster.) The possibilities are endless!

Creative Bathroom Tile

Adding tile to a bathroom offers many ways to set a more stylish and visually-appealing tone. Some of the most popular tile projects for the bathroom include vanities and flooring. In many cases, especially for flooring, ceramic tile works the best for the bathroom.

You can also opt for special-purpose tiles (which work great in high-moisture settings) in the sink and vanity area. So of the most creative bathroom tile projects are designed with space to hold toothbrushes, soap, or cups. Also common and highly creative is to make the entire vanity wall and sink area of your bathroom a nice tile.

Outdoor Tile Flooring

A growing trend in outdoor tile design is the use of natural stone. Natural stone tile in outdoor settings offer an elegant look to any settings. Some of the most attractive and outdoor-friendly tiles include White Oak, Statuario, and Calacatta Gold. Almost all of these tile applications can be integrated with ease. Look for opportunities to add creative tile flooring to patios, outdoor fireplaces, gardens and planters, and window trim.

Stone Tile for the Kitchen

Kitchen stone tile, such as stone mosaic tile, is ideal for all types of kitchen areas. The pattern on this form of natural stone tile draws attention to the complete space.

Install mosaic stone tile on kitchen walls and vanities, or in specific areas such as above the stove or sink. To give a look with more dimension and depth, you can choose glass mosaic tiles. Just keep in mind cleaning and maintaining the tile when choosing the right products.

Subway Tile for the Kitchen

A subway tile scheme is a timeless classic for the kitchen. In most cases, these 3" x 6" ceramic tiles with gloss finish that come in a multitude of colors. What's great about this style of tile is that it's easy to clean and can help illuminate the entire kitchen.

Additionally, you can find this form of tile at most tile dealers in Bloomington, IL. You can choose a simple monochromatic tile design or you can add a sense of depth by blending herringbone tiles as a backsplash (often times behind the oven or sink.)

Do you have any simple yet super-creative DIY tile project ideas to share? Let us know in the comments section below.

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